Cinderella & The Hairy Godmother

Cinderlla & The Hairy GodmotherCinderella & The Hairy Godmother

It’s your favourite rags to riches fairy tale but with a twist!

Cinderella is an ordinary looking girl with big feet who has to compete with her two mean-spirited stepsisters for a place in the palace – the prince is hiring! With the help of her eco-friendly Godmother, who lost her fairy wings in a spell gone wrong and is now covered in hair, Cinderella learns that beauty and magic will not solve her problems. After an invitation mix-up sees Cinderella in the wrong attire for the Princes fancy dinner party she learns that kindness, self-confidence and courage trump superficial beauty and an expensive wardrobe any day! From her stepsisters slapstick shenanigans to her hairy Godmothers inability to use a wand, it will be a hilarious journey where even the hateful stepsisters learn that a kind heart is what emanates true beauty.

Children under 2 years of age are free of charge and there is seating available for adults. Air-conditioning and ample parking plus Deja Brew is open during the shows for coffee and snacks plus drinks for the kids. See you at the Malthouse and don’t forget your cushion.

Dates: 26 September – 11 October, 2020
Duration: 45 minutes
Written & Directed By: Mercy Cornish

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